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Himeji castle.
Himeji-jo (castle) outside the moatHimeji-jo (castle) outside the moat 2Himeji-jo (castle) on the bridge leading to the gatehouseHimeji-jo (castle) on the bridge leading to the gatehouse (black and white)Himeji-jo (castle) from the parade groundsHimeji-jo (castle) along the narrow stairsHimeji-jo (castle) central wall entrywayHimeji-jo (castle) at the cornerHimeji-jo (castle) viewing the main keepHimeji-jo (castle) from the peasant's view"White Crane" and Cloud Dragon"White Crane" and Cloud Dragon (uncropped)Himeji-jo (castle) view back towards the main keepHimeji-jo (castle) main keep and clouds